The Laguna Madre, an environmentally delicate  bay running between the South Texas coastline and Padre Island. It is the habitat and spawning grounds for virtually all the major species that rely on his hypersaline waters. The Magne Ranch interests need to drill for gas but nature and money will have to settle a fight first

Port Mansfield, thirty miles off the highway, on the Laguna Madre in deep South Texas.  Here Jason leads a search for Octavio Paredes, whose disappearance has been reported by his wife, Anajita.  Three ordinary and powerless people play decisive roles in the fortunes of the powerful Magne family dynasty. 


Casa Blanca, the Magne Ranch Main House

The Magne Dynasty began and ended here at Casa Blanca, the main ranch house for the 1 million acre "Kingdom of Magne." It is in the library where Gabriela would find John Magne, wracked with worry about the ranch and where the story takes a sudden turn.

John and Gabriela Magne attend an award presentation from the Port Isabel Historical Association. Sophie Poole takes an important picture that has the potential of changing everything.

Port Isabel Yacht Club

South Texas Ranchlands

The South Texas ranch country runs for millions of acres of grasslands and oak woods, stretching from the Gulf of Mexico on the east to the Rio Grande River to the west and south. It was land that saw struggle, survival, and bloodletting.  It was a world to itself.

When Jack Grider sailed north from Port Mansfield, headed for Galveston, it was aboard WIST, a Beneteau 393. A sudden storm induced broach nearly cost him his life. Angela will discover growing feelings for Jack when he takes her out into the Bolivar Roads near Galveston and later onto the Laguna Madre.

Sail and floor plan of Wist