THUNDER RUMBLES over the Laguna Madre on the South Texas Gulf coast, echoing through the hallways of Congress and the canyons of Wall Street, shaking the foundation of a century old ranching dynasty. It is a battle that pits ordinary people, who have nearly nothing, against old money, that has virtually everything.  Corruption, greed, and the long arm of an ancient grudge will take you on an wild emotional ride, full of twists and turns, and then a stunning ending.

Laguna is a political suspense/mystery that reads hard and fast like popular modern fiction against a historically correct backdrop of deep South Texas and Northern Mexico. A wealthy and powerful five generation ranching family, with connections from Washington, D.C. to Wall Street will impose its will and build a natural gas field in the delicate ecosystem of the coastal bay called The Laguna Madre. 

Against overwhelming power stands an unwilling and unwitting ex-bureaucrat, with a deep aversion to conflict and a record for running from it... and five determined women.  It is all in the story, but the reader is the only detective. Can you solve it before it ends?  


Over four generations they built a Texas ranching empire, shedding blood, sweat and tears...  and they didn't much care whose.